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Tree Removal & Trimming
We offer full service tree work - trimming, topping, removal and stump grinding.
Slabwood & Lumber Products
We carry our own inventory of slab wood for a wide variety of your projects.
Custom Cutting Services
We can create one of a kind lumber from the trees on your property.
What Our Customers Say

Andrew Ring

Mr. Derrickson is a local Williamson county professional who is passionate about his sawmill operation. Over 10 hours we processed a large white oak, a black walnut, a very large poplar, a cedar, and an osage orange tree. He maximized the amount of lumber we obtained, and assured we were very pleased with his service.

Hank Gardner

We had to take a large tree down on our property in Franklin and found Tad and his portable sawmill. Not only was he professional and the job came out great, but he was very knowledgeable about the wood and gave us some great information. The slabs came out just perfect and he was very accommodating our special request. GREAT JOB!!
I'm Tad Derrickson, the owner of TN Tree. We believe that trees are a gift, both when alive and healthy afterwards. 

Rather than pitching trees into landfills, we believe in allowing the tree to continue to be useful and beautiful. 

We do that by repurposing as much of the tree as possible when it is time to trim or remove the tree. That is done by using the trunk and other pieces to make lumber. 

Other parts of the tree can be used as firewood. Bottom line - none of your tree ends up in a landfill. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

-Tad Derrickson

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